Dr. Jaclyn Graham ND

Proudly providing expertise in naturopathic medicine since 2011 with a patient-centred approach focused on therapeutics for stress and mental health, gastrointestinal disease, women’s health, vaginal health, hormone balance, fertility, and children’s health.

Utilizing a full range of laboratory testing and science-based naturopathic therapies as well as custom compounded prescriptions to restore and elevate the health of each individual.

Cultivate wellness from within.

Helping You Feel Your Best

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Each patient that I treat is unique, with their own set of experiences that brought them to me. During the first visit I take the time to dive deeply, so I can better understand the complexities of your health and determine the ‘why’. With an open, patient-centered approach I work to uncover where your concerns are coming from, stabilize symptoms, rebuild systems, detoxify burdened organs, and replenish deficient or depleted nutrients. Along with Naturopathic care I encourage collaboration with your Family Doctor and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best care possible.

Sharing my knowledge and experience, my role as a Naturopathic Doctor is to guide my patients every step of the way on their journey towards healing and wellness utilizing the insights and strategies informed by the best in integrative and natural medicine and personalized for your specific situation.

Yours in health,

Dr. Jaclyn Graham BSc, ND


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